Link, E., Reifegerste, D., & Klimmt, C. (2020). Family involvement in the context of chronic diseases: The role of social support in treatment decision making for surgical procedures. Journal of Family Research. Advance online publication. doi: 10.20377/jfr-160 

Rosset, M., Jaspersen, M., Dittrich, A., Baumann, E. & Bomke, P. (2020). Mental health and illness in the public mirror. What pictures do the media draw and how do the people perceive them? Open Access Government. Verfügbar unter www.openaccessgovernment.org/mental-health-and-illness/80562/


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  • Samstag, 21.11.2020 | 15:00

    IJK-Forum 2020

    Auch in diesem Jahr findet das IJK-Forum zu Ehren des…

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