Department's Idea

What we do

Today there are a lot of academic courses for media at universities worldwide. But we are different: since our foundation in 1985, we have relied on a clear, well-founded training concept. Together with our students, we investigate the current questions of media development, media management and the music industry empirically and theoretically. Systematic studies and a structured approach are our hallmarks and this benefits scientific work as well as the professional preparation of our students. Scientific thinking is a crucial factor in the challenging media industry. Research finds answers, research trains analytical thinking and data form the basis of strategic decisions. Therefore, we put our focus on method training in social science. Even though practical relevance is a valuable aspect our institute, we are not a university of applied sciences, but teach and research as part of a university with the rank of a university with the highest scientific standards. Anyone who enjoys thoroughly thinking through media topics, researching them in a well-organized manner and checking them for practical relevance fits to us.

How we do it

Our mission statement is: "Excellent - practical - caring". Research and analysis are carried out with great commitment at the IJK. We do our best - with our students and for our students. We have a global network in research and teaching, which is why international performance standards count for us. Our training is highly valued in media management practice, and graduates work in responsible positions in dynamic professional fields. We expect effort and dedication from us and our students, and we prefer to choose topics that advance society, business and politics. Public opinions, new business models, media effects, entertainment, social media - we research what is relevant today. And to achieve our goals team spirit counts most: we are committed to science and society, but we take care of each other. Even if it gets stressful, we are there for our students. Because for us, performance is not an end in itself: research and learning should be fun and a pleasure, and only those who feel comfortable can develop professionally and personally in the long term.

Why we do it

Scientific curiosity is what keeps us moving forward. Empirical research does not always find surprises, but it helps us to understand the media better, to refute false assumptions and to advance media development. Results as such are what we are aiming for: we want to know more about the media, understand communication better and make a practically relevant contribution. Hardly anything is as fun as discovering new things about media, communication and music with smart, interested people. We have long since proven that this results in top training and brilliant career prospects for our students and young researchers.

Welcome to the IJK - be curious!


Last modified: 2024-02-28

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