Department's Idea

We remain in step with the dynamic developments within the media. Equipped with the latest technology and our new address on the former EXPO site with the CeBit, the worlds’ biggest computer trade fair, in the near. Our innovative study programs are part of a network of national and international educational and research institutions in the immediate vicinity. Among these are the University of Applied Science and Arts, the World Wide Learning Lab of lower Saxony and selected cultural areas of the Hanover University of Music and Drama such as acting, jazz, rock and pop.

At the same time, we also retain that which is tried and true: namely the close relationship between scientific theory and the practical application thereof, through the continual international exchange and joint education of both journalists and media managers. Versatility remains our inspiration. Themes ranging from serious newscasts through to trivial daily soaps, about the classical newspaper business through to the WWW make up our research and study programs. Painstaking statistics are as important as creative writing. We observe how the Avant-garde are currently using the latest information technologies while keeping an eye on the public of the traditional mass media. The wide spectrum of careers in which our graduates work confirm our aim of making our students fit for jobs such as research and editing, for advertising and program planning, for PR and music management. Thanks to the many lecturers and media companies.

Keeping in line with the international standards, we offer Bachelor and Master programs since winter semester 2001/02.

We remain curious as to what new challenges are in store for us. The ever-developing media arena will undoubtedly keep us on our toes.

Prof. Dr. Beate Schneider


Last modified: 2019-12-12

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