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This page introduces [HC] ² - the Hanover Center for Health Communication of the Institute for Journalism and Communication Research at the Hanover University of Music, Drama and Media.

We discuss and research how media reports on health and illness, how people get information and exchange information, how communication contributes to health promotion and what health consequences media use can have. Our goal is to find scientifically sound answers to theoretical and practical questions about the role of communication for health-related ideas, attitudes and behaviors.

The main topics of our work are:

Health and Disease in Media Coverage

Focusing on health communication in the media, we analyze how health risks, diseases, prevention and health care are covered. Read more …

Strategies for Health Communication

This area summarizes efforts to explore persuasive strategies within various communication chanels. We are working on message strategies to influence attitudes and behaviors in their target groups. Read more …

Discourse and Information-seeking on Health Issues

This research field comprises individual and social communication behaviors about health-related issues. We investigate how health-related decisions are made, what information is sought and where it is found. Read more …

Media Use and Health

In this research area we explore how media usage and communication behaviors can influence our health. How does the use of media enhance or reduce well-being and which patterns of media use can be regarded as problematic and a cause for concern? Read more …


Last modified: 2021-02-23

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