Master Communication and Media Research

What can I expect to learn in the Master in Communication and Media Research?

The master program Communication and Media Research is aimed at motivated students who are determined to take over leadership positions in market, opinion and/or media research, media management, agencies, and business consultancies, and/or who want to earn their PhD.

Research and teaching are combined to strive for both practical relevance and high scientific quality. By intertwining science and professional practice, we prepare our students for the entry into professional life, but also for pursuing an academic career.

How is the Master in Communication and Media Research Program organized?

The master program provides students with in-depth knowledge of the structure of the communication process and media economy. Students will learn to conduct empirical research on the importance and function of media in communication processes, and learn to strategically develop and focus these processes.

The study program consists of the following modules:

  • Projects in media and communication science
  • Advanced methods of media and communication science
  • Theories and strategies of media management 
  • Individual research and management competencies
  • Exam module / Master Thesis

The average duration of the studies is 4 semesters. They will be completed with a master examination upon which students are awarded the title of 'Master of Arts in Communication and Media Research’.




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Last modified: 2020-04-28

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