Master Media and Music

What can I expect to learn in the Master of Arts Media and Music?

This master program Media and Music combines two of the university’s internationally renowned major educational programs: communication research and musicology. Applicants are generally required to have completed a bachelor study program in media, communication, journalism or musicology. Those who have completed studies in an artistic/scientific program can also apply. The Department of Journalism and Communication Research accepts 19 new master students every study year, commencing each winter or summer semester. 


The study program gives in-depth knowledge of communication and musicology combined with the practical application thereof. Graduates of this study program are experts in the field of production, reception and evaluation of music and have learned how to put this knowledge into practice. Career opportunities are manifold. To name a few examples: music journalist, public relations or in management positions of media or music companies. The study programs main aim is specialisation.

How is the Media and Music Study Program organised?

An introductory phase is followed by projects and comprised of six learning units. In the introductory phase students coming from musicology learn the central research areas, the current methods and theories applied in communication research. Graduates of communication bachelor study programs, on the other hand, are required to learn the central areas of musicology. The third learning unit brings all students together where they learn in-depth knowledge in the areas of management, journalism and public relations.

A specialisation in either communication or management takes place in the second year of studies. Professionalism is gained through participation in projects such as research projects, creative or journalistic productions. The average duration of study is four semesters.

Introductory Phase (1st and 2nd Semester)

  • Introduction
  • Central knowledge in the discipline media and communication research or musicology
  • Management and journalism/public relations

Project Phase (3rd and 4th Semester)

  • Specialisation in strategic management or journalism/public relation
  • Projects, active participation and organisation of seminars
  • Master thesis




If You have further questions, please contact us:

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