The Programs 

The Department of Journalism and Communication Research offers three study programs in Media Management and Media and Music: Bachelor or Master in Media Management and Master in Media and Music.

The Media Management study program offers courses that examine the structures, functions and consequences of the communication process. Central topic of the Master program in Media and Music is conveying music into society. Students specialize on Media and Music Management (production development, distribution, perception and use of music). The study programs are concluded with a Bachelor or a Master Thesis wherein the title of Bachelor/Master of Arts is awarded.

The bachelor program accepts 30 new students and the master programs 20 new students each year. Applicants go through a rigorous evaluation process in which good german, english, mathematics, logic and general knowledge are required.

The average study length for the bachelor program is six semesters and for the master programs four semesters. In Summer Semester 2013 the Department had 192 registered students among which 123 were in the bachelor program, 32 in master Media Management and 37 in master Media and Music. The main areas of research include mass media and the election process, media reception, interactive media, public relation and the evaluation thereof, the European press market, daily newspapers, advertising, cultural journalism, youth and media and health communication.

The possibility of individual specialisation and a reduction of average duration of study are made possible through the new program design of bachelor and master and the titles awarded are of an international standard.

Please note that our study programs are all scientific in nature and do not provide journalistic skills.


Last modified: 2017-09-17

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